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Not again logo.jpg

A webnovel

There does seem to be such a thing as too much of a good time. Maybe it's after a drink.. or two.. or however many it takes to sell your time and soul in exchange for powers and a cool new mystical job. The problem? It's the second time Dola has done this. Ugh Not Again.

The Price of Emeralds copy.png

Interactive Fiction

You wanted to be a museum curator… you’re not, but at least your love life is thriving! … until it isn’t. It seems that things are just not going your way, you’re a newly minted 30 year old and it seems like you just can’t get a win.


You’re almost resigned to your fate as a perpetual underdog when you find yourself in a very unusual situation; caught up in the middle of a heist.



Ebooks available on Googleplay!

Scylla's Sunset, a sci-fi thriller,

Soul's Choice; A plain old thriller,

Are These Poems or an Overshare; a little book of poems. Check them out!

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