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  • Thourne L

All that work 1-17-22

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Happy New Year!

Sorry if I've said it before, but I truly can't remember!

It's been a hell of a few months for lots of reasons, professionally and personally, but at the end of the day there is only one thing that will make me feel better about it all and that's making more stuff!

Short Story news: Scylla's Sunset

I am still working on Scylla's Sunset. This is def a little bit more of a world rich short story compared to Soul's Choice. I am thinking about putting a few stories together and selling them as a collection of short stories (Soul's Choice would remain free of course.) It's taking some time for me to pull this one together because I don't want to story to feel rushed or hollow, but it's hard sometimes as the writer to see what a reader will see.

I just want to make good stuff, or at least the best stuff that I can make.

I also have other stories (Soul's Choice and Are these Poems or an Overshare?) out in the Googleplaystore right now for anyone who wants to check them out or support!

Interactive Fiction stuff: The Price of Emeralds:

I know most people are interested in that. I will say I've made progress for sure! There truly isn't much I can share at the moment without any crazy spoilers but I'd say it's going slower than expected for sure! Haha. Again, it's a pretty involved process if I'm going to do it the way that I want and life has been a little crazy, but in order to avoid a lot of the issues I've run into (coding errors, genders appearing inconsistently... typos) I'm going to be taking a little extra time to work on it to avoid frustrating those keeping up with it as it progresses. There will be a longer time in between updates because of that, but hopefully it's worth it for all of us!

A few bits for your reading pleasure:


Ultimately I'm exhausted as a person, but also feeling really motivated and motivation is enough for right now. I'll feel less tired when it feels less like I'm running in place and more when I can see some progress. I know I can't rush to real progress, but I have a feeling that it will be coming my way this year. I'm putting it out there because if I say it enough maybe it will be true, not just for me, but everyone else striving for their goals. It's not easy, it's not pretty and sometimes the weight of ambition is too much to bear, especially when there are those who offer to help carry that weight but the price is too high or when there are those who try to trip you up. When you can take even a step forward under that weight and navigate the obstacles and know in your heart that it only means more steps will follow, then how strong are you? Pretty damn strong I'd imagine. Even if we're not running, let's be proud of the steps we take forward even if they'll small steps and our breathing is laboured from the effort, it's still further than we were before.


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