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The Price of Emeralds

You wanted to be a museum curator… you’re not, but at least your love life is thriving! … Until it isn’t.

It seems that things are just not going your way, you’re a newly minted 30 year old and it seems like you just can’t get a win.

You’re almost resigned to your fate as a perpetual underdog when you find yourself in a very unusual situation; caught up in the middle of a heist.

One thing leads to another and the next thing you know your life is in the hands of strangers who claim to be willing to help you and you’re not too sure if that’s an exciting prospect or a terrifying one.

Play as a man, woman or non binary person. Plan a heist or try and escape this situation all together, get close to your new acquaintances, find out their secrets and motives, or fight your hardest to get back to your uneventful life. Are you willing to find out The Price of Emeralds?

Please keep in mind that this is very much a work in progress and not everything about it is final yet! Thank you!

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